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Earth Day Festival at Balboa Park

Written By Dodi Rakhmat on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 | 05:40

Earth Day Festival is celebrated on every April 22 as International which aims to increase awareness and appreciation of the human-occupied planet is Earth. USA proclaimed by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, a teacher of the environment. This date coincides with the spring in the Northern Hemisphere (Northern Hemisphere) and autumn in the southern hemisphere.

Gaylord Nelson started the struggle around more than 7 years before the first Earth Day Festival. Gaylord forward thinking initially achieved through a visit by President Kennedy to all 11 states in September 1963, but with some reason for the visit was not able to bring environmental issues into the national agenda.

Gaylord continued efforts to realize his idea about Earth Day Festival. After a tour of Kennedy, Gaylord did his own campaign to several states. Across the country, evidence of environmental degradation occurs everywhere. Everyone knew it, except in political circles.

Finally in the summer of 1969 Gaylord knew that the anti-war demonstrations Vietnam has spread widely through colleges across the country. From there he got the idea to do the same thing in a campaign environment. He chose the lower ranks in protest against environmental damage and this is the idea of the Earth Day Festival comes.

At a conference in Seattle September 1969, Gaylord as the initiator of Earth Day Festival announced that it will hold nationwide demonstrations in the spring of 1970 on behalf of the environment and invited everyone to participate. After that, a variety of letters, telegrams, and telephone poured in from around the country. Americans finally find a forum to express its concern over decline in quality of the soil, rivers, lakes, and the air in their neighborhood.

On 30 November 1969 the New York Times reported the increase in environmental awareness activities across the country, especially on college campuses, and one day for the memorial being designed for environmental issues for the upcoming spring season, which is coordinated by Senator Gaylord Nelson. It is a proof of the success of the struggle Gaylord Nelson in promoting environmental issues next to be known as Earth Day Festival on the national agenda.

On April 22, 1970, ended about 20 million Americans took to the streets and meet a number of parks and auditoriums to campaign for health and environmental sustainability. Thousands of students gathered against environmental damage.

And on the day that is used as the beginning of the Earth Day Festival


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